Create a school in Hokuriku to practice Steiner education.

Through child-rearing, I gained experience as a guardian at three patterns of school: public education in Japan and Canada and Steiner education in Canada. At every school, I met wonderful teachers and my favorite friends and had a great time with my parents.

Among them, the experience at Steiner School was a series of irreplaceable moments that were special to me. The feeling of “touching beautiful things” that is difficult to express in words is deeply engraved in my heart

It is this Hakusan Waldorf Community that one day I began to recruit friends and started activities because I wanted to create such an educational site in my hometown, Hokuriku.

The first unforgettable, perhaps first event at the Steiner School, was when I first talked to my homeroom teacher about my son, who had been warned that he was too active elsewhere.

“He plays so beautifully.”

I was so shocked by these words that lightning struck.

And he wants to play more outside. His son gave him his advice, understanding my situation with a baby.

I believe that the benefit of having Steiner education in the community lies in self-education that gives you the ability to think deeply and come up with solutions.

The next generation will grow steadily from the area where children and adults continue to grow, leading people to take voluntary actions and lead to the creation of a vibrant city.

We will start this activity hoping for the further development of Hokuriku, where the culture is carefully inherited and full of humanity.