Giving-A future Waldorf school in Japan

June 2022

Dear Waldorf Community,

It has been more than a year since we started our project, creating a new Waldorf school in the Hokuriku region. We would like to update you on our recent and near-future endeavours.

Last year in the spring of 2021, we launched a community called the Hakusan Waldorf Community, where we committed to spreading awareness about the Waldorf movement to less-familiarized regions in Japan.  

Having been deeply inspired by the worldwide Waldorf 100th anniversary events, as well as all the warm and positive experiences that their children had at Vancouver Waldorf School, Chika and Hiroto Yago, who have now moved back to Japan, stood up and decided to create a school in the Hokuriku region of Japan. In this region, there is yet to be a Waldorf school to be established. They hope to not only bring Waldorf education to this region but also create a community learning space through Anthroposophy.

Hokuriku is a region where traditional Japanese culture remains a significant part of daily life and the coexistence of both traditional and modern art and cultures has been cherished. In this beautiful region of vast mountains and rivers, traditional heritage and vibrant culture, we feel that this future school will open new doors to our global Waldorf Community.

Reaching around 140 family group participants in both our online/in-person classes over the past year, this Project has been picking up momentum and reaching an increasing range of communities. By holding these sessions for parents and educators to raise awareness and funds for this Project, we have been attempting to shed light on Waldorf education as an introduction to these communities.

With all the funds from your generous donation and support, we have achieved the status as a non-profit organization.  

Moving forwards, Sayuri Ishimoto has committed to moving to Japan from Vancouver this fall and is ready to start in-person classes for young children. She and our other members will be looking for a house to rent to provide classrooms and buy teaching materials. Thus, we would love to ask you to support us financially for these essential initial steps. Your kind and warm donations will give us immense encouragement to succeed in this project.

In our effort to strive for longevity and strength in our project, we deeply appreciate your donation!
Thank you for your generous support and contribution.

We gratefully accept your donations through the gofundme.

With love,

Hakusan Waldorf Committee members.